That space, that garden is a group exhibition from lens-based artists Madeline Cass (NE), Meganelizabeth Diamond (CAN), Leah Koransky (CA), Emily Margarit Mason (NM) and Meg Roussos (WA) exploring the expansive possibilities that are given life when femme and queer perspectives engage with the genre of “landscape.” Though the legacy of this imagery is firmly stamped with terms like “modernism” and “straight photography,” this group of artists uses the tools of photographic history, from the earliest photographic methods to the most postmodern, to investigate the tactility and emotionality of a climate on the brink of catastrophe.

While distinctive in practice, the tools of these artists all overlap; their methodologies and processes are all oriented toward engaging with the land around them as an active co-conspirator. Through their images, these artists do not beg the viewer to “see like me” but rather invite the audience to “see for yourself” or, better yet, “touch for yourself.” —Delaney Hoffman